Because of Us, Them.

Whitney Heimlich Ingersoll

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About my Fundraiser

Hello SBMS Alumni and families.

Enjoy this walk down memory lane. I tried to include as many of you as possible. You'll either recognize yourself or a good friend - but for sure you'll find a great memory.

As most of you know, I have spent over half of my life in the incredible, inspirational and dynamic community that is Santa Barbara Middle School. I have joyously watched it grow and have fed, fanned and nurtured it in every way I can; it has become a part of my family. When I began in 1980 we were renting Sunday school rooms at the Unitarian church. Then in the 1980s we moved to St. Anthony's. Our little school has grown from a small spark of hope and intention to an incredible school that has touched thousands of student lives from this humble beginning. The alumni continue to write about their SBMS experiences and growth in their college essays, and return 10, 20, 25, 30 years later to say that SBMS was a pivotal and inspirational time in their lives.

This summer SBMS has to move, and fortunately it has found a wonderful new home (as I am sure you know by now) in Santa Barbara, the Brooks/Jefferson Campus.  It is an incredible campus; I cannot wait! We do need more funds to make the move and make the new campus fit the needs of the school and its unique program. SBMS means so much to me and to so many of the families that it has touched over the years. I would truly appreciate it if you can help us reach this goal. I have already personally donated as generously as I possibly can, so my money is where my mouth is!

If you have not given yet, please take this tax-deductible opportunity. Your name will show up on the rolling list! I realize some of you have already donated, and I truly thank you. In some cases it might be that you find you can actually give more; if that is the case we'd really appreciate it. If SBMS gave you some foundation that has helped you along in your life, there are more of you to come and now is your chance to pay it forward - because of you, Them.....

After over 150 SBMS bike trips in my 31 years here, I am heading out once again to the four corners this June to take the annual Rite of the Wheel with Santa Barbara Middle School.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love, Whit